A customs broker is a clearing & shipping agent licensed by UK Customs, to work as an agent for commercial firms importing products to UK in order for a shipment to be cleared through UK Customs and if needed through other government authorities. Each imported/exported product must be assigned a Harmonized System Tariff classification number. This code establishes the duty and tax rates that are payable to UK Customs. With all of the changing rules and regulations in cross-border transactions, availing the services of customs broker makes good business sense.

Risk Management: A customs broker shall help make sure that the importer is in compliance with the numerous additional conditions stipulated by UK Customs Laws. A customs broker will help the importer navigate the formalities of taxes, allowing him to take advantage of all taxes and other agreement opportunities that can have a major influence on the firm’s bottom line by lowering duties and taxes. A customs broker keeps up with the ever-increasing number of laws, regulations, and restrictions. A customs broker ensures that items are delivered on time, which is essential for providing excellent customer service. Staffing that is adaptable. A Customs broker eliminates also the need for importers to employ additional personnel with specific customs knowledge, allowing the importer to focus on revenue-generating core capabilities. Customs brokers handle import volume peaks and valleys by preparing automated entry paperwork from previously categorized commodities. This employment is primarily clerical in ature, with some understanding of customs entry requirements required. Customs brokers provide post-entry services, which may

The total value of the shipment being imported is usually used to calculate the brokerage fee. In some circumstances, the broker and customer agree on a mutually specific rate or charge.

The brokerage charge is normally calculated based on the total value of the shipment being imported. In some cases, the broker and the consumer agree on a set fee or price.

No, but you must utilize a Customs broker who is licensed. Arneet International is a registered customs broker who can clear your cargo and deliver it to its final destination.

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