Moving Single & Multi Items

If you wish to take on the challenge of packing for relocation, renovation, or simply shifting your items into our storage facility, we provide moving boxes to make the process easier and keep your belongings safe while in transit. Our specifically designed boxes keep your belongings upright and safe during loading and transportation.

Moose Movers provides comprehensive moving solutions from packing supplies, packing services, help in unpacking, and also storage facilities. We supply boxes, bubble cushioning, and sturdy tape, certified by our expert packing professionals, and will keep your items safe. We also provide special services for valuable or fragile items and even help in packing such speciality items. For all things packing, you can reach out to Moose Movers.

Our simplified packing supplies are durable for multiple uses and inexpensive. They are 30-40% less than other alternatives in the market and are delivered right to your doorstep at your preferred time. Not only do we vouch for the effectiveness of the product, but also the savings passed on to customers.

Life is hectic enough, and moving makes it even more so. The last thing you want is the hassle of finding, building and taping cardboard moving boxes. Instead, order Moose Movers boxes online, and we’ll deliver our pre-assembled plastic moving boxes to your door, saving you time and some sanity.

Using Moose Movers moving boxes can save you up to 40% over the cost of moving with cardboard boxes and tape. Don’t spend all that time finding, building and taping boxes. Plus, moving companies can generally load/unload Moose Movers boxes faster, saving you money on their hourly rate.

A lot of natural resources are used to make just one cardboard moving box that is often thrown away after a single use. By contrast, Moose Movers’s reusable moving boxes can be used more than 500 times each before they are recycled into new boxes. It’s both convenient AND eco-friendly.