Storage Service

Irrespective of how well you organise your home or offices, you eventually end up needing more space. If you are relocating, renovating, or simply looking to store your valuables, Moose Movers can help with our reliable storage service.

Our storage facilities are massive and well-equipped to store confidential or valuable assets. It is extremely easy to book our storage facility and also priced competitively to facilitate your short and long-term storage needs.

Our storage spaces are fully secure to house your personal belongings for as long as you need and are centrally located in London to allow ease of access. You can customise the plan as per your requirements in terms of time and space, allowing you to save money. This way, you can make optimal use of the space in your property while keeping the presently unrequired belongings in secure storage space. No matter what the reason is, our service provides you with storage spaces that suit your needs.

Here are some events when our facility can help you out:

FAQs :-

  • As soon as you place your request, our professional movers will come at your doorstep for pickup. Your items will be wrapped properly and handled with care.
  • Our professional movers will move your household items to a safe storage unit which is monitored 24/7.
  • We click pictures of your belongings and prepare a catalogue for you so that you can easily select any item for return whenever you want.
  • When you want any of your items back, choose a few or all of your items and our professionals will bring them at your doorstep within 72 hours.
  • Door step pickup
  • Reasonable rent on household storage space
  • Good introductory offers and professional advice by experts
  • Use of top quality packing materials
  • Option of long term or short term household storage solutions.
  • Properly maintained and secure storage facilities
  • 24 X 7 security with CCTV coverage
  • Integrated with Fire alarm systems and other measures
  • The items are stored on wooden pallets
  • Regular pest control services
  • Insurance coverage of your valuable items
  • To keep your belongings safe on your vacation
    We hear news everyday about attempted burglary in houses where people have gone for vacation. It will be wise to store your valuable belongings in a safe storage when you are gone for a long vacation. Therefore, it will be wise to opt for household storage in Delhi services from a company like Moose Movers.
  • To store your household items during relocation
    When you are storing everything including your valuables at your workplace or business place, there is a huge risk of losing your valuables if the security is not up to the mark which you can avoid by securing your valuable business-related possessions in a reliable storage space with 24/7 security.
  • Relocating to a better place
    Whether you are relocating to a different country or within the country, you might be worried for the safety of your household items during this process. Moose Movers can make the process safer and stress-free by providing you customised storage solutions at an affordable price.
  • To safeguard household items during de-cluttering process
    While battling for space with unwanted items or excessive furniture in your home, de-cluttering is the best idea. However, during this process, you may lose your memorable belongings. Moose Movers can come to your rescue in such situation and offer you safe household storage in Delhi based on your requirement.
  • To store your belongings while renovating
    Renovation can be a stressful process and it may sometimes damage your household items. If you are struggling for space during home renovation and want to safeguard your household items then we can help you with our cost effective household storage in Delhi
  • To secure precious belongings during special events
    Sometimes you may be running out of space during festive occasions or special events at your home. No need to worry about finding space or damaging your household items, Moose Movers is here to offer you the safest storage solution.
  • No matter where you stay in Delhi, Moose Movers has all kinds of storage facilities for your needs. To get a free quote, simply fill the details in the requirement form. In case of any queries regarding storage space for rent in Delhi, Please Contact us.

The movers will help you pack and move just about anything that you would like. Some bulkier or fragile items (pool tables, exercise machines) require special care and should be moved with speciality movers. Our movers do not move or store these items but are happy to provide recommendations. If you have anything that may require special arrangements, please contact the Moose Movers Team.

To ensure security and privacy, we only use commercial warehouses which are closed to the public. Unfortunately, this includes you. However, we are always happy to return any items to you whenever you need them. We can return any items within 7 days, but if you need something even sooner, please let us know and we will do our best to help!

Your items are stored in secure, commercial storage warehouses that are monitored and secured 24/7. These warehouses are typically located outside of city limits in order to get you the best possible rates. The movers will carefully unload your storage from their trucks and organize your items so they are stored safely and efficiently.